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science lab safety for teachers & admin

This science safety video is designed for teachers and administrators. Help protect yourself, your students and your school with this program. This 44-minute video covers lab safety methods and techniques in the science room. Included with the video is a 60-page reproducible handbook on CD-ROM. The handbook offers many tips and guidelines on how to insure sfae conditions for both teachers and students. Demonstrations on how to properly use safety equipment in the lab are invaluable, as well as information on how to set up and maintain a district wide safety plan.

The safety information in this video may help to prevent an accident in your science lab. Many districts in the US now require teachers and administrators to implement lab safety programs.

The 60-page safety handbook on CD-ROM is a value by itself. It includes informational documents, safety checklists, classroom safety worksheets and student safety quizzes.

View a student safety test from the teacher handbook here.

Grades: Teachers & Administrators, Running Time: 44min.
Format: VHS. Copyright: 1997.
Includes: 60-Page reproducible teacher handbook on CD-ROM.
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