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InventioneeringThe Inventioneering video will encourage students to tap into their creative talents. Students will learn to use higher level thinking stills to invent things. The video showcases a wide variety of inventions made by both adults and children.

At the Rover Round Up wild robotic vehicles are tested for extraterrestrial exploration. Then it's off to the Inventor's Showcase in San Diego, where students in grades 3-7 show off their inventions. Adults are interviewed at the convention, as well as a 7th grader who has made millions from his unique water toys.

Finally, we follow one student as she prepares her invention for county competition. Even if you do not have an invention fair at your school, this is a wonderful video to show. Who knows, maybe one of your students will some day make life easier for all of us!

Grades: 3-7, Running Time: 28min.
Format: VHS. Copyright: 1991.

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