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bubbleology video

This video contains many wild and wacky activities that you can do with standard dish soap! Experiment with soap solutions, see how to put bubbles inside of bubbles, see flaming bubbles, magical floating bubbles and demonstrate the spectacular bubble parachute! This fascinating presentation by Dr. Ron Bonnstetter, professor at the University of Nebraska, shows these and many more exciting activities that can be performed with bubble soap. Ron presents this fun-filled program in two separate 30-minute segments. Each segment can be used for both teacher in-service and for student instruction. You can use this activity-based program to reinforce concepts in geometry, chemistry and physics. Watch your students transform into dedicated bubbleologists!

Bubble Image

The teacher handbook includes information on mixing different soap solutions, why bubbles have different colors in them and why bubbles form spheres. The handbook is filled with ideas and activities involving bubbles that tie in learning and make it fun.

View the worksheet "Activities with Bubbles" from the teacher handbook here.

Grades: 1-8, Running Time: 60min. Format: VHS. Copyright: 1988.
Includes: 26-Page reproducible teacher handbook.

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